Friday, November 13, 2009

What do you say to a Priest after he sneezes?

The other day, I found myself saying "God bless you" to a priest. It felt very wrong, but since I didn't grow up Catholic, I wasn't really sure what I should be saying to him, and didn't think my husband, who did grow up Catholic, would know, either. I was actually glad that he didn't hear me say it to him. Today, after being up all night, because I'm anxious about my sleep study that's being done tonight, I have the occasion to re-visit this in my head.

The Internet is not very helpful on this matter, except to say that you shouldn't say "God bless you" to a Bishop, or anyone higher, because they have already been blessed by God. Wouldn't a priest also have already been blessed? This is very perplexing... Anyone have an answer??

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