Thursday, January 14, 2010

A first step

So, today I go visit a therapist for the first time in my adult life. The therapist is part of phsyciatist's practice, so if it is decided that I am in need of medication, I can go from there. I have my husband to thank for taking this step, as I didn't have the courage to call and make the appointment on my own. I'm still having issues getting over my ectopic in a mental sense, and I also still have a ton of anxiety over whether I will be able to get pregnant again. Hopefully I can work through all of that. I am both excited and very nervous to go to this appointment, but I know I need to go. I've had butterflies in my tummy since I woke up this morning and tossed and turned all night.

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Ann said...

Very proud of you, this is the start of healing. I had Mike sit with me on my first few apts. no biggy. take care K